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Baby + Family Photos- starring Margot!

I'm so pleased to present my favorite images from this family + baby session, featuring the beautiful, active, smiley, happy Margot! Margot's 11 months old and a far cry from the newborn she was during my first newborn session way back in December last year: you may remember her sleepy baby face from this blog post! Earlier on the very day of the photo shoot, she took her own solo-steps for the first time (although she already a fast little racer when she's supported by Mom and Dad's hands!) "She just loves life," her mom says about Margot and these photos certainly prove it! I also want to point out that she loves all the things babies this age enjoy: putting things in their mouths (and mom and dad reaching for the object at the same time to remove it!); walking with arms up and fingers as supports; and chewing/grabbing/mouthing anything shiny- especially mom's necklace! I'm so thankful to Margot and her parents, C & M, for allowing me to document their family's beginnings and growth and smiles during this past year. Enjoy the smiles!

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