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Exciting Early: Baby Margot

Back in early December, Baby Margot just couldn't wait to meet her family- and with such amazing, warm and loving parents like C and M, who could blame her! Even though she surprised her family by arriving almost a whole month early, it worked out since they all got to travel back to their home state for the holidays-- and to show off the new family member! Margot was such a trooper for her photo session, sleeping through the whole thing without one peep. At this point, I hadn't been around babies much but even then I knew that was pretty rare. It was clear to me that C & M had one special little girl here, and Baby Margot certainly has one hardworking--extra-special--extra-loving family.

*Thank you to these three for being my very first newborn photo session! They set the bar pretty high!*

Click on each photo to view larger. Enjoy!

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