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Tree climbing is for women!

Leave it to these women to make tree climbing look easy- trust me, its not! Over 20 women came together, beginner and experienced, from all avenues of the arboriculture and greens industries to learn or advance their tree climbing skills for both personal and professional development. They were as determined, strong and eager to learn as anyone has ever been!

They networked and collaborated with other industry women while learning about equipment, knots, climbing techniques both with and without equipment assists (mostly without, which is so demanding!) safety, line placement, and route planning. Not only did everyone get up in those oak and pine trees; they got WAY up there, again and again!

Hosted by the group, Women in Arboriculture, part of the Western Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture (, this second annual Women's Tree Climbing weekend in Applegate, California this October was a total success! Everyone’s already looking forward to the next climbing opportunity! More for info on the WCISA's Women in Arboriculture, contact Julia at

Click on the photos to view them larger! (A "must" to do justice to these gorgeous trees and climbers!)

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